Thursday, January 7, 2010

ABB Shooting In St. Louis: Timothy Hendron Of Webster Is Suspect

At 6:30AM Thursday morning Timothy Hendron, a 51 year old resident of Webster Groves in St. Louis and current employee at ABB, supposedly opened fire killing at least 4-5 employees. Hendron is a long time employee at ABB and at this time no one can confirm his motive or his whereabouts.

Dobbin Road has been closed and Hendron is currently carrying an AK47 as well as a handgun. He drives a 2001 pewter Nissan truck with a Missouri license plate of OKK696. Hendron is 5'9, 190 pounds, balding and clearly mentally disturbed.

School shootings are bad enough. Now company shootings? What's next? I don't even want to know. And he we are, so worried about terrorism..



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