Monday, January 25, 2010

Jenny From Frank the Entertainer And Nude Sexy Photos

Jenny from Frank the Entertainer is gaining popularity, but why? Jennifer Jones, Frank the Entertainer’s contestant is coming up out of nowhere and taking the Internet by storm. “Frank the Entertainer” is an MTV reality TV dating show spinoff from “I Love New York” and “I Love Money”
So what about Jenny from Frank the Entertainer?
We all know Frank – the contestant everyone loved to hate in both the “Flavor of Love” spinoff “I Love New York” and two seasons of “I Love Money.” The thirty-something man was known best for being unemployed and living in his parents basement.
Said basement is the landscape for his dating show, and Jenny Jones is one of the “Frank the Entertainer” contestants. Why is she gaining popularity? FRANK FOUND A NUDE PHOTO OF HER ON THE INTERNET!!!
One would almost roll off the couch laughing at that. Could you imagine dating someone, surfing online through porn and then finding a nude photo of her?
Two questions;
Why was Frank the Entertainer looking at nude photos online?
Why was Jenny from Frank the Entertainer nude …. online?
The nude photo in and of itself isn’t the shocker. The shocker is that she pretended to be ultra-conservative. The nude photograph of Jenny Jones was enough to get the contestant eliminated.
She was asked to leave the basement, and Frank the Entertainer won’t be hooking up with Jennifer Jones any time soon (at least not in person…)



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