Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Naruto Shippuden 172

Naruto Shippuden 172: "Meeting"
Nagato tells his story of loosing his parents in the great nation's war. Starving to death he gets saved by Konan, who takes him and his dog Chibi to see Yahiko. The three orphans fight to survive by stealing. One day they see a great fight scene in war zone and Yahiko persuaded Konan and Nagato to learn Ninjutsu. They set to go seek out Jiraiya sensei, who as we know will teach them all he could and all he knew. What does Naruto feel? Is he understanding of Pein's demise? Will he try to resolve the conflict peacefully or will he have his vengeance? Let’s watch Naruto Shippuden 173 entitled “Origin of Pain”.


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