Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Naruto Shippuden 202

Naruto Shippuden 202 Racing Lightning

Madara came to see Naruto. Without pleasantries Naruto fires a Rasengan. Yamato and Kakashi appear out of nowhere. Madara seemed to have been captured. Well, Madara doesn't get captured and anyway he did not come to Naruto to fight. He just wants to talk.

Madara wants to know what Naruto discussed with Nagato to made Pain turn into traitor to Madara Uchiha. In other words, what made Pain change his mind, revive all he killed and sacrificed all he believed in for Naruto and his beliefs?
Naruto refused to answer but instead he asked about Sasuke. Madara replies: ", whose hatred of the ninja world runs through his bones to his very core." and continues to tell a story of Sasuke beginning with Itachi.

Five Kage Summit has in last episode of Naruto Shippuden 201 been interrupted with Madara's clone Zetsu appearance. Now Lord Raikage from Land of Cloud interrogates Zetsu trying to find out Sasuke's whereabouts. Raikage loses it and snaps Zetsu's neck. Lady fifth Kazekage says he should have tortured him first so they can find out where Akatsuki is, but Gaara disagrees. Akatsuki members are too loyal to speak. Mifune orders Number 2 battle-ready state alert and asks that they find Sasuke. One eyed Mist, who revealed Danzo's plan to temper with minds of all at the Summit, was asked to watch the Hokage. Hokage ocular jutsu has to be kept in check. Danzo was again reminded that ninjutsu was prohibited in Summit room. Danzo defended himself by proclaiming that he would have used any means necessary to unify the world under one command, much like First Hokage Hashirama intended. Danzo justified violence by saying that all of ninja world could not be unified by talks and deliberations. Akaktsuki would have destroyed the ninja world if they could. Gaara argued that if understanding and trusting in one another is lost only fear will remain.

Sasuke's location is revealed as ninjas dare to fight Sasuke. With lightning similar to ninja's Sasuke kills one ninja after the other showing no mercy. Karin notices that Sasuke's chakra is much bigger and colder than she ever knew Sasuke had. When all ninjas were dead Lord Raikage showed up promising to teach Sasuke the fear of the fury. Sasuke lost his cool and attacked by himself. Darui's Water style justu and lightning style emotion wave had deflected Sasuke. Flash Pillar of Shee's Lightning Illusion had followed. Jugo seemed afraid for Sasuke's life for a second when Sasuke reminded him that this is gengutsu. Suigetsu executioner's blade got sliced in half, but he saved Sasuke nonetheless. Shee is now after Karin as he needs to kill off Sensory-Type ninja.

Jugo goes berserk as the fight of Sasuke and Raikage continues. Lord Raikage pins Jugo to the wall when Sasuke uses Sharinghan. Raikage's nerve transmission and reaction speed are on par with Jugo's. Jugo took Raikage's blow and fires back. As Sasuke's team cleverly used each other's chakra to divert attention from one another, Shee looses his fight as well. Jugo gets kocky thinking he got Raikage when he gets a blow throwing him against the wall. At this moment Sasuke appears to face Raikage. How the fight continues we'll have to wait and see.


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