Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Doppelganger on Facebook: Facebook Celebrates Celebrity Doppelganger Week!

Ever wondered which celebrity does your face resemble? Or rather which celebrity resembles you? If you are Facebook user, you don’t need to look in the mirror to find out who you resemble as Facebook and its application MyHeritage will let you know about your celebrity look alike looking at your profile display.
MyHeritage was there before so what’s the big deal with doppelganger week all of a sudden? This week you won’t need to make an effort to find out who you resemble. Facebook will come to you instead and tell you about your celebrity look alike.
MyHeritage says “We invented the celebrity look-alike sensation long before Doppleganger Week on Facebook was conceived and launched upon our unsuspecting world!”
What they will exactly ask you at first is “Ever been told you look like _____?” if you click yes, Facebook will track down a photo of a celebrity that resembles you post it as your profile picture.

So all your friends would get to see you and your ghostly double on your profile, the next time they log in.

source: http://www.entertainmentandshowbiz.com/


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