Tuesday, February 2, 2010

roundhog Day Today - How to Celebrate

Well, Punxsutawney Phil ladled another six weeks of winter onto us this morning. But we can't take that too hard; last time he predicted an early spring, 2007, we got hit with that huge Valentine's Day snowstorm two weeks later. It's whatcha get for taking your prognostications from an oversized rodent. But the great thing about Groundhog Day is the excuse it provides to, once again, watch the eponymously named classic film, Groundhog Day.

Some of Bill Murray's finest work, the film is one part comedy and one part existentialism. It has been called "one of the most spiritual films of all time." From a 2004 story in the UK's Independent:

"At first I would get mail saying, 'Oh, you must be a Christian because the movie so beautifully expresses Christian belief'," the film's director Harold Ramis recently told The New York Times. "Then rabbis started calling from all over, saying they were preaching the film as their next sermon. And the Buddhists! Well, I knew they loved it because my mother-in-law has lived in a Buddhist meditation centre for 30 years and my wife lived there for five years."

But before you settle in for the ritualistic Groundhog Day viewing, this year, start things off by heading over to Simply Syndicated and listening to the Podcast from "Masters of None." They've made today's show the exact show that Phil Connors, in Groundhog Day, woke up listening to day after day. Complete with a guest appearance by actor Stephen Tobolowsky (the insufferable/hilarious Ned "The Head" Ryerson in Groundhog Day, "Bing!"), this is a valuable addition to the lore of Groundhog Day. Um, both the movie, and the day.

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